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Popcast Media Group Logo on blue gradient background with faded illustrations

Popcast Media Group

Popcast Media Group is a podcasting company based in Birmingham, AL. They were in need of a website for each of their podcasts, The Popcast with Knox and Jamie and The Bible Binge, as well as a website and brand identity for their business the Popcast Media Group. We needed to create something that was fun and matched their tone and humor, but also looked professional enough to represent the seven-figure business they are. We took their existing color palette and expanded on it to level up the professionalism. And we brought in some personality through some supporting illustrations which we also used to create a custom pattern. The arched logo is a subtle nod to radio “on-air” signs and if you look closely you’ll see the “G” is smiling back at you!


Brand Strategy

Brand Design


Web Design + Development


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