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We can help you grow into your brand identity.

Your brand is the thing that can help you reach your dreams. It’s about more than just looking good. A good brand can actually do some of the work for you. We know how to take the spark of inspiration you had when you first started your business and turn it into the six-figure brand you've always dreamed of.

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Remember that sky's-the-limit excitement you felt when you first started your business?

But then you started to feel bogged down by #allthethings that come with entrepreneurship—late nights and long to-do lists, imposter syndrome and analysis paralysis. At Happyland, we want to help you get back to that joyful moment your business first flashed into your mind—a daydream so full of possibility and opportunity you put everything you have into making it happen. Maybe it's more flexibility or freedom. Whatever your dream—your happy land—is, your brand is the train that can take you there. You may just need a bit of help getting it on the track, and that's exactly why we're here.

Small businesses don’t have to play small.
Small businesses don’t have to play small.
Small businesses don’t have to play small.
Small businesses don’t have to play small.
Small businesses don’t have to play small.
Small businesses don’t have to play small.
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Give your small business a big brand.

When your business has outgrown your homemade logo and you're ready to upgrade to a brand identity, we're here to help. Your brand is the vehicle that can take your business to the happy land you dreamed about from the beginning, and we want to give you the keys. When you hop in with us, you get over a decade of branding expertise and experience at your service. And with our secret strategy sauce that mixes design and marketing principles with a little bit of psychology, we can create a custom brand  for you that's packed with purpose and oozing intention so you can become the irresistible solution your customers have been searching for.

The recipe for our secret strategy sauce.

The same way the best burgers are dripping with cheesey goodness, the best brands are dripping with a secret sauce—Strategy. Before we ever draw a single line, first we do a deep dive into three areas of your business— your brand foundation, your audience, and your brand positioning. Then we take what we discovered, mix it with a dash of marketing and a pinch of strategy and simmer it all down to create your visual brand. The end result is a unique and custom brand that’s packed with purpose and helps capture the eyes of your customers.

This is what I need

It's possible for you too.

Read what some of our clients had to say.

Sometimes asking for design tweaks during the process can be like pulling teeth, but not so with Happyland Creative. This part of the process with Brittany was so stress-free, it was practically delightful. Brittany knew exactly how to translate my emails into the design I wanted, and I was sincerely shocked by how few exchanges we needed to have in order to reach the finish line.

Alexandra Grossi,

Brittany is a rockstar. She's a creative genius who can take your passionate rumblings and turn them into something stunning. Her process is easy, fun and rewarding. I gained clarity and walked away feeling more confident in my business!

Chelsea Cousins,
Cousins Copy Co.

Working with Brittany is like a DREAM! She actively listened to what I needed for rebranding and label designs, and thoughtfully came back with solutions that would work for my business. She listened and created something that I am beyond excited to launch!

Aimee Berg,
Bushel & A Peck

We love all the elements of the brand. The brand strategy document has already been a hugely helpful calibration tool for our team's marketing and communication.

Whitney Podboy,
Cellar Door Coffee Co

Brittany was super-helpful, not just in coming up with a brand identity, but also in thinking through what makes our brand unique. We came out of the process with a better understanding of our unique selling proposition, and more excited about getting our product out into the world. Before we had a mismatch of amateurish graphics, now we have a cohesive, professional brand identity, which has helped our confidence in presenting our products.

Curt Nelson,

Working with Happyland Creative was the best decision I've made for my photography career. We clicked right away, and without saying anything, she was able to come up with elements that were totally me.

Jessica Jensen,
JessicaDawn Photography

Working with Happyland Creative was a dream come true! The creativity, communication, and results were all top-notch. I would highly recommend working with them!

Katie Burton,
Simply Social
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Meet Your Creative Director

Hey there, Pal!

Happyland was born from a flash of inspiration in a New York subway station one fall day in 2017. Named after a story our Founder and Creative Director, Brittany Wong, made up when she was a kid, Happyland exists as a reminder of the child you used to be. The kid who knew exactly who they were and what they liked before the world told them who they should be. So, in 2018, at 8 and a half months pregnant, Brittany left her perfect-on-paper job at an agency to become a mother and open the doors to Happyland—the place where growing up doesn't have to be boring. Now she spends her days watching quoting Friends, thinking about Disneyland, eating entire bags of kettlecorn and creating brands that are packed with purpose and oozing intention for small business owners just like you.

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Don’t settle for a brand you don’t love.

Your dream is worth the investment. The polished, professional, brand you dreamed about from the start is just a rebrand away. (And we can help you!)