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Nashville Sweets business cards in a grid showing front and back on pink background

Nashville Sweets

When Danielle, owner of Nashville Sweets Bakery, came to us wanting to upgrade her branding, we couldn't have been more excited. We developed a custom wordmark for the brand full of curves and flourishes just like you'd find on a buttercream cake. In addition to creating a wide variety of logos and marks that she'd be able to use not only for her marketing, but for things like merchandise and stickers, we also created a collection of hand-drawn custom illustrations based on the mouth watering desserts that come out of the Nashville Sweets kitchen. Initially Danielle was going to update her website with her new branding herself, but once we got closer to finishing her brand assets she realized she'd prefer for us to design and develop the site for her. Since we had developed the branding she figured we would probably have some ideas of what it would look like all put together and she was right! We were ecstatic when she asked us to develop the site for her because we'd already been picturing it throughout the brand design process. We were also overjoyed that she hired a copywriter and were very glad to have the chance to work with Courtney from Big Picture Copywriting.


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