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Black Coffee Bag mocked up surrounded by artistic rendering of green leaves

Margin Coffee

Margin Coffee is a local coffee shop located in Albany, Oregon. They recently started roasting their own blends and wanted to create a bag that was bold and eye-catching but still fit in with their natural feeling brand. The idea of the coffee plant seemed like an obvious choice and fit right in with their pre-existing brand (their shop is filled with plants, greenery, and natural textures!). But we didn’t want the design to feel too predictable so we created a big, hand drawn illustration for the sides of the bag, with bold colors that wrapped around the front of the bag. The front and back of the bag is mostly whitespace, tying back to the brand message of creating space for “margin.” We also created a label design that was flexible enough for the client to update on their own so they could experiment around with different kinds of blends. The bags are magnets for compliments and are constantly flying off the shelves! 


Product Packaging Design

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