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How to Plan Your Marketing, Connect with Customers, and Boost Product Sales

There's something magical about a blank calendar – it's filled with possibilities and promise, waiting to be filled with events and campaigns. It's an opportunity to color-code those events using your favorite pens (We love a cute stationery moment! 😍). However, a blank calendar alone won't tell you what you need to work on and when. That responsibility falls on you.

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Let’s take a look at a phone call I had a few years ago with a client who owns a party supply company. During our conversation, she mentioned that her customers always seemed to be a few steps ahead of her. They would ask for Halloween supplies when she was still in summer mode, and request summer items when she was just getting ready for Valentine's Day. She felt like she was constantly struggling to stay on top of what her customers wanted.

And, to be honest? I could completely relate to her.

For years, I had been searching for a marketing calendar, a retail calendar, a content planner—honestly, ANYTHING that could help me plan and stay ahead in my marketing. I had downloaded countless freebies and calendars, hoping that I would finally find The One(™) that would help me get it all together. But in the end, all I ended up with was a cluttered and unhelpful downloads folder filled with useless social media holidays.

How are you supposed to get ahead if you don't know what you're supposed to do, and no one's giving you any direction?

Enough was enough! After that phone call with my client, I realized that this gap in the market needed to be filled.

I was ready to create something that would completely revolutionize how we plan and stay ahead in our marketing game. 💪

Introducing the Mother of All Marketing Calendars - the last marketing calendar you’ll ever need!

We've created a free marketing calendar that allows you to plan your content, tailored to the unique needs of your business. And don’t worry about planning alone! We’ll hold your hand every step of the way.


What’s Included in our Marketing Calendar

1. Bank holidays + a curated list of social media holidays

Never miss a beat! Our calendar comes pre-filled with bank holidays and a curated list of fun and popular social media holidays. You can easily pick and choose the ones that align with your brand and seamlessly incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

2. Marketing suggestions and recommended timing for your campaigns

Say goodbye to creator’s block! We've included creative ideas and suggested ramp-up times to help you plan your promotions and campaigns effectively. When you're ready to brainstorm and jot down your plans, our calendar is formatted vertically for your convenience.

3. Consumer trends, historical data, and seasonal buying behavior

Feel confident knowing EXACTLY what your customers want. Each month includes an insightful overview that dives into historical buying patterns, statistical data, and seasonal advice. This calendar will provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers and allow you to anticipate their needs (before they even ask!) 🙌

4. A BONUS monthly email from Happyland

We don’t expect you to walk this marketing journey alone. Every month, we will send encouragement to your inbox to keep up with your plan, remind you of things that are happening that month, and give you a peek at what's coming up next month so you're not caught off guard. Basically, I will be your business bestie, providing support and helping you stay on top of your game. 😉


Don't let another month pass by without a clear game plan! It’s time to ditch the marketing overwhelm and embrace the inner marketing queen you were meant to be. 👑

Download our Mother of All Marketing Calendars today!


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