Wilder Weddings typeface logo in green on white

Wilder Weddings

Wilder Weddings Collective is a wedding photography company based in North Carolina focusing on mountaintop and adventure elopements. Our client, Carolyn, was growing the business from being just her and her husband to a full team capable of shooting multiple weddings at a time. She needed to rename her business which meant a full rebrand. One thing her clients pride themselves on is the #dirtydressclub—the kind of clients they work with aren’t afraid of a little dirt. We took that and incorporated that into their brand through the use of gritty textures. The logo is a mix of upscale formal and hiking outpost. Carolyn loved the look of the national parks logo so we wanted to create something that felt inspired by that but still came across as a wedding professional. The color palette is inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains and that feeling you have when you see the foggy mist rising out of the trees in the early morning. 

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