Our expertise is at your service.

Sometimes all you need is a conversation with an outside pro to point you in the right direction, which is exactly why we offer Brand Evaluations.

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Brand Evaluation

Get our expert eyes on your brand! A Brand Evaluation is perfect for you if you're looking for some expert guidance and constructive critique around your brand. We'll do a deep dive into your website, social media presence, and any other brand collateral you have, and send you a video critique of your brand along with some action steps to take for improvement. You’ll also get a 30 minute follow up video call to go over any questions you have.

This Is Perfect FOr You If You:
  • Already have a brand but feel like it's missing something and could use an expert critique to get some clarity

  • Struggle with consistency in your existing brand and aren't sure what to do to fix it

  • Feel like you aren't using your brand to its fullest potential and would like an outside pro to highlight where the gaps are.

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